“After being born in central Texas my family moved to New Mexico when I was around 5 years old. There I learned to snow ski, and my passion for the outdoor life grew.

After graduation my path took me to Colorado where I spent the winters skiing, and the summers exploring the National Parks, and public lands of the Western United States.

Many adventures have led me to a few different different places I have called home. New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and now Salt Lake City Utah where I reside with my 2 wonderful boys Aden, and Eli.

Guiding for Southwest Adventure Tours I have been referred to as many things, guide, personal trainer, drill sergeant, and therapist. I will take you to beautiful places, push you that few extra steps, and show you ways to face and overcome the fears that you have.
With a passion for the southwest, photography, food, and geology, I can show you different ways to compose, and shoot photos while we eat at great food establishments, and explain the intricacies of millions of years of creation that has given us this place we call the Desert Southwest.

I love to meet new people, and show them around this beautiful place I call home! Hope to see you all soon, so we can explore it together!”



Guide Tommy




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