After spending 12 years in Southern California, Dennis was fortunate to move to Moab, Utah, his father’s hometown. He grew up with the Arches and Canyonlands as his backyard. Dennis spent many hours exploring the wonders of these parks. His career choice led him to become a Professional Land Surveyor. His background is in the Mining and Energy fields. This has enabled him to travel extensively in Southern Utah, working in all areas surrounding National Parks, Monuments and State Parks.

As Dennis’ family was growing up, they visited many of the scenic areas in the Western United States. Whether they were Camping, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Boating or operating all sorts of off road vehicles they were able to see all of what the West offers.

His passion for reading about History and learning more about Geology enhances his ability to appreciate what we have here in Utah and surrounding States. Go along for a ride, share in the past, go back in time, let Dennis share the beauty that lies upon the scenic byways, on and off the beaten paths.

Dennis with a group


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