Montezuma Castle in Arizona

A great spot to add to your self-drive itineraries!

The Travel Gal's Exploration Vacation

I’ll admit it: I didn’t want to stop here because the name put me off. Montezuma Castle sounds like something a carnival tout came up with in the 1920s. I love ancient ruins and try to be respectful of the spiritual power that seems to reside in these ancient places. The name seemed tacky and disrespectful, and I was afraid that would permeate the site.

I didn’t realize that Montezuma Castle was one the original four national monuments created by President Theodore Roosevelt in celebration of the passage of the Antiquities Act in 1906. Despite the cheesy name, the site obviously has been seen as important for some time!

The “castle” (an ancient cliff dwelling) is located high in a canyon with lumpy white walls that appear to be made of meringue that was left out until it became dry and crumbly.

Montezuma Castle 2 DSC_4109 ArizonaMontezuma Castle 4 DSC_4116 ArizonaMontezuma Castle 6 DSC_4132 ArizonaMontezuma Castle 16 DSC_4136Abandoned about 600 years ago, this well-preserved cliff…

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